Thursday, February 26, 2015

Well Done: Sarah Hoyt "It's Not Easy to Be Me"

A perfect essay for my current mood.

"It looks like the rest of humanity knows where they belong and what they’re doing and you’re odd man out.  Hence the lament “It’s not easy being me.”

"Suddenly you realize it’s not easy being you, but oh, my heavens, it’s much harder to be everyone else."

"And you grow a bit more and realize your dad gave up his dream of becoming an artist for a career that he didn’t like because he had a family to support.  And you realize how well your mom does what she does considering what she battles every day."

"And you start seeing all the times they didn’t tell you they were too tight on money, but gave you the price of a movie, because they wanted you to be happy.  And all the times they went without something near-essential so you could have something nice."

"And then, somewhere along the line, you realize that all the grace and favors received come with an obligation.  That it’s up to you to do something nice for THEM, to bring unexpected joy to their lives, because they work so hard and they love you.  And the same with your friends."