Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meanwhile In Europe...

A British University will be hosting a conference questioning Israel's right to exist. 

From his happy home in Israel, a Scottish Jew explains why he left Western Europe. 

It's an outstanding essay, I urge you to read the whole thing.

"Meanwhile the atmosphere at work got worse. Being someone who openly went on holiday to Israel was not OK. I had fabricated allegations of racism levelled against me and investigations about my conduct became routine. One morning, after the news had reported that Israel had released hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the latest peace negotiations, my boss said to me: ‘isn’t that great news?’"

‘But they’re murderers.’ I wanted to reply. ‘They are in jail for planting bombs on busses, for breaking into homes and stabbing children in the dark. For doing everything they can to bring terror to ordinary people, just because they are Jews.’ But I couldn’t say that, only someone who believes that Israel should exist would understand.

"At a party one evening, a left wing friend of a friend confronted me about Israel. We had a debate that lasted all night. He fundamentally believed Zionism was both racist and evil. That was the night I came out as a Zionist."