Monday, February 16, 2015

Could All the Europeans Who Want Jews To Die in Place Please Just Shut Up?

I mean it. 

It's bad enough that Europeans have voluntarily made their countries inhabitable to Jews, even as patriotic Jews attempted to rebuild the shards of their communities after the Holocaust on the blood-soaked, scorched earth.

Europe is all about weeping for dead Jews. No rooting for the live ones.

We are not 'all in this together' Piers Morgan, you imbecile.  

This article is one of the most pathetic ones I've ever seen in the Daily Mail. Spare me your faux concern for world Jewry, Mr. Morgan.

The real strength of Israel, the country and the nation, is in Jewish numbers. More Jews, more Jewish brains, more Jewish might, more Jewish soldiers, more Jewish pilots, more Jewish nuclear scientists. That's exactly what the Jew haters wish to prevent. They want to terrify and murder Jews everywhere and scare Jews away from visiting, or living in Israel in particular. 

So, please Europeans-stop telling me that Europe just won't be Europe without the Jews, or that France won't be France, and that Austria won't be Austria without Jews. Your pathetic countries are already unrecognizable as Western countries, and inhospitable to Jews.

Europe simply doesn't deserve Jews. 

The Europeans who want Jews to stay in place essentially want them to meekly stand down and become target practice.

It's clear that Europeans want more dead Jews to weep for (not). They want more memorials, which free them for any breath of sympathy or empathy for the living ones, in Israel or elsewhere.

European logic must be this-if the Jews stay, then maybe they will remain the main targets of the violence. I think many European Jews are beginning to sense this. Or perhaps its the dread of realizing that the end of Jewish life in their countries signals the death of their nations. Jews stand for life. A country without Jews simply has less life in it-both figuratively and literally. Less esprit, less joy.

The good news is that we Jews have a Jewish state now. We don't need the favours of host countries that render their countries inhabitable by Jews.

Perhaps the "leaders" who are pleading with Jews not to leave, and spewing venom at the leader of the Jewish state, are doing as a rather pathetic cry for help for their dying countries.

They realize now that they are  unable to stop the oncoming destruction.

The trains of murder and ruin once led the Jews from their villages to the death camps.

Now there are now trains of nihilistic, and relentlessly aggressive anti-Western forces, running full speed into the heart of every democracy in Europe.

There is no conductor in Europe powerful enough to pull the brakes. This is the panic that you hear in the leaders voices as they plea: Jews don't leave us.

There is no Promised Land for Europeans.

The collision course is inevitable. Jews, hunted since time immemorial, will still be safer in Israel than any other place, relying only on ourselves for safety.