Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"The Jewish World Is Contracting Toward Israel and the United States"

Interesting article, thanks to Instapundit for posting.

I have a few minor quibbles with it, but my biggest problem is the characterization of the Nazis as being on the political right. They were not. They were national SOCIALISTS. This bears repeating over and over and over. The Nazis came from the political left. I disagree with the conclusion that the end of the Jewish diaspora is a bad thing. It's tough patooties for the countries that rejected, created inhospitable climates and/or murdered "their" Jews. It is, however, a harbinger of what those same countries can expect. In a word: decline.

"Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, Jewish communities throughout Europe are again on the decline. This time, the pressure mainly comes not from the traditional anti-Semitic Right but from Islamic fundamentalists, which include many European citizens."

Here's the part that demonstrates the canary in the coal mine stuff, and that is another reminder that when the Jews in any given country are murdered or forced to flee, things go downhill pretty quickly for the remaining citizens.

Let's take a look:

"Argentina and France aren’t the only nations with formerly large, now-shrinking Jewish communities. In 1948, Iran was home to 100,000 Jews; now it’s a tenth of that number. In South Africa, the population reached 119,000 at the end of apartheid but since has dropped by roughly half. The largest numerical losses were in the former Soviet Union, where, in 1980, there were some 1.7 million Jews; now, as few as 250,000 remain. Most have resettled in Israel or the United States.

"These outflows follow earlier migrations triggered by Israel’s independence, from often-ancient Jewish communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Creation of the Jewish state largely ended the long Jewish presence in lands from Morocco and Egypt to Iraq."

Every single one of these countries are failed states. 

Personally, I feel that the only countries where Jews can live relatively safely are Australia (but not if Australia doesn't deal with their own home grown jihadists and immigration problems), Canada (same issues as Australia), Israel (obvious security issues) and the United States (same home grown and immigration related terror issues as Australia and Canada). 

Remember I said: relatively safe. The Obama administration demonstrates a consistent, aggressive and unrelenting antipathy toward Israel and the Jews and must be seen as the most antisemitic administration in American history. I'm not suggesting a mass aliyah from America to Israel will be taking place any time soon, but you can bet your bippy that many American Jews with brains and brawn are keeping that option quite open.

In short, the Jews will always be hunted and antisemitism will never be eradicated.

We can't "fight" antisemitism, we can only fight our enemies and fight we must.