Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just Some Random Reminders About Denmark

As I remarked earlier on Twitter, Europe was content to turn a blind eye to terrorism as long as it was "just" Jews that were being murdered.

Europeans are now, only ever so grudgingly discovering, that what starts with Jews never ends with Jews.

Here's some helpful reminders about the writing on the wall in Denmark:
As per Mark Steyn: "Don't say you weren't warned." 

Living with a target on your back.

Jewish school targeted in Copenhagen.

Something rotten in Denmark.

Hiding Judaism in Copenhagen.

Danish Jewry "dwindling" due to antisemitism.

Danes alarmed by rising antisemitism.

Danes respond to Muslim antisemitism by shutting down Israel peace demonstration.

"Yarmulke March" planned in response to rising antisemitism.

Denmark: No Jews at our schools, please.

Antisemitism drives Jews elsewhere.

Christians flee Muslim-dominated areas in Denmark.

Danish politician calls for limits on immigration.

Denmark's largest religious minority. 

Mosque doubles down on ISIS support. 

Trying the 'soft-handed' approach to returning jihadis.