Thursday, February 12, 2015

"European Antisemitism Comes From the Top"

Very true. 

"In short, modern anti-Semitism can’t be fought without addressing a problem that too many members of Europe’s educated elites refuse to see: The propagators of today’s anti-Semitism come primarily from their own Israel-obsessed ranks, not from the far-right fringes."

Or as per Mark Steyn: 

So much for 'co-exist' and supporting the resistance...

Jew hatred leads is evil. And evil begets evil.

"...Miss Mueller was way beyond "Co-Exist". "Resistance flows from the minaret," she enthused. And a fat lot of good it did. In the end, she was no less an infidel than Rumsfeld or Cheney. And she is dead because her "idealism" prevented her from understanding that."

"Combo has a busted arm, Kayla Mueller is dead, yet another US embassy has been abandoned, and its Marines' weaponry is in the hands of the Houthi... For "Co-Exist", try "Submit" - or die.

"But don't worry: as the President says, it's all very "random".