Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dating Advice: "Just Say Hi"

Seriously people-all you really need to do in order to meet new people is smile and say hello. 

What's the worst that could happen? So you get shot down once, twice, a few dozen times...big deal.

Or as this wise New Yorker says: "“It’s weird that people would rather go on Tinder instead of saying hi".

It is WEIRD. And not normal.

You have to take some risks in life or you end up with a really boring life.

And believe me, I've been shot down for many, many things-dates (before I got married), business opportunities, jobs, and new friend possibilities.

And you know what-I don't really care. I have an incredible collection of friends and acquaintances and I love being a fixer. I collect people and that's my thing and I'm going to keep saying hi, because it's the only way I want to live.