Thursday, February 5, 2015

How Ottawa's New Terrorism Act Could Chill Free Speech

These folks have raised the correct alarm bells: 

"In a system built on the rule of law, we require law that limits poor judgment, not a law whose reasonable application depends on excellent judgment. This observation will recur in our assessment of many other provisions in Bill C-51. But here, it is especially true where an absolutely cardinal right is at issue – free speech."

They give a journalism example, which is entirely plausible. I'm very concerned about this bill. I am very concerned about any state limitations on free speech-excluding threats of violence (which can, and should be dealt with via law enforcement and the criminal code).

I also have to wonder if these writers are equally bothered or troubled about free speech for those whose speech they loathe, ideologically speaking. That's the real litmus test of 'caring' about free speech.