Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mark Steyn's Haunting Reflections on the Death of Free Speech in the West: The Sound of Silence (UPDATED)

Your must read of the day because MARK STEYN. 

Plus, a nice citation of that random Rosen Jew woman again!

What's up with that?!?!


Steyn sums it up, of course by noting that "the point of free speech is for the speech you hate. If you don't believe in free speech for those you hate, you don't believe in free speech at all".

Exactly. They don't believe in it at all.

And the inevitable conclusion is this:

"It turns out free speech isn't that "abstract". When you so hedge in free expression with political correctness, you make it impossible even to raise certain subjects, and thereby facilitate real, non-abstract evil. The loss of free speech brings other losses, too."

Our leaders are willing to "lose" this for us, in order to placate the intolerant masses and hasten the collapse of our glorious, young democracies.

As per Mark Steyn: "Don't say you weren't warned."


How sad and ironic-news that a 700 year old copy of Magna Carta was found in a scrapbook in a library in Kent, U.K.