Wednesday, February 11, 2015

OMG Truly Good News: The Suit is "Back"

Good grooming, good breeding and good manners never go out of style, so they can't really come 'back'.

They never really go away, we're just always told about celebrating different grubby styles, and silly parenting ideas, etc...

P.S Ladies of the entire world: tights are not pants. 

So there. 

Do enjoy this piece. 

"Dressing smartly takes an effort. A bit of formality shows you’re taking your colleagues and your clients seriously."

"A business meeting isn’t just a drink down the pub. If you want it to feel different (and you should, if only to keep your social life special), it should also look different."

"There’s a second reason to wear a suit to the office – a good one is, without fail, the best looking piece of clothing in any man’s wardrobe."

(Also makes men more irresistible to women-DUH.)

"A decently cut and designed suit, far from being a symbol of production-line conformity, can be a thoroughly personalised statement."

"“Once everyone starts turning up for work looking cheap, in their undone shirt, scruffy jeans and shapeless jacket, there’s one obvious answer if you want to stand out,” he says.

 “Get a proper suit on.”