Friday, September 1, 2017

Amazing: "A Diminuative Woman and a Spy Who Defined Courage"

What. A. Story.

Must read.

What an amazing human. 

Modesty is a form of heavenly grace.

Like Moses, who asked G-d, why me? Why me, I am a stutterer, I am not worthy-the true prophets, the true leaders, the real heroes are modest about their accomplishments. Though clearly chosen, they remain humble.


"The mystery of de Clarens’s story for me was where her bravery came from."

"Why did she do what was right when so many others were afraid to take action? She shook her head as if I was missing the point. “It wasn’t a choice. It was what you did. At the time, we all thought we would die. I don’t understand the question. How could I not do it?