Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sorry America, I Can't Remember For You

America, I do love you, but I can't, I guess I just won't remember for you, or on your behalf.

I don't get sad about this anymore because I'm still angry about it, and more and more angry with each year, with each murdered victim, with each passive phrase to describe the barbarity.

No "lives lost" or "towers fell" for me.

No "lives extinguished" or "taken from us" for me.

I won't conceded that battleground.

With every year the passivity grows and the will to remember diminishes.

No, the next attack will not be the one that Finally Makes People Wake Up. There will never be that one.

So I grow angrier and not weepier and I am even more determined to live by my principles, civilized principles of Western civilization than ever before, more steadfast in my commitment to Western civilization than ever before.

I do remember, but I can't and I won't mourn on your behalf.

As per my fellow member of the tribe, the great Daniel Greenfield: 

"We don't need more holes in the ground, more places to feel empty and alone. What we need are things to aspire to. The World Trade Center's towers were not targets of convenience, no more than the Saudi and Emirati skyscraper building spree is. Towers are symbols of achievement. They are guardians of the skyline who remind us of what we can accomplish."

"The terrorists and the memorialmakers have a common purpose-- to make us forget what we are capable of. To drown us in our own pain and grief, to make us drink of the Lethe waters of reflecting pools until we forget who we are. The terrorists and the memorials have done their best to break us. But it is not in grief that we must remember the day. Grief is for the foregone conclusion. But though thousands upon thousands are lost-- we are not yet lost. And the war is not over."

"The holes in the ground are not symbols of grief, or empty places in our hearts, they are open wounds inflicted on us by our enemies. Filling them with water will not change that, only anesthetize the pain of a fatal injury. To forget that is to sink into a mirage and die in delirium that we are recovering."

And furthermore:

"September 11 is not the day we cry, it is the day we get angry. It is the day we remember who our killers were, how many have been lost, and how little has been done to bring down the ideology responsible as completely as they brought the towers down. It is the day we remember not to forget. It is the day we remember that the war has just begun and that until it ends, there can be no comfort or solace. The fight goes on."

"We are at war with an enemy that is bound to a religion and culture unlike ours. They do not share our values. We have never defeated any of them or their ideology. And — for the sake of political correctness and congressional cowardice — we are about to abandon some of the most essential tools of intelligence gathering we need in this war."

"No wonder we’re losing."

You also lose when you don't actually want to win.