Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Life Lesson: Never Ask "Why Me?"

"Why me" is a terrible question.

Someone once relayed to me that their husband said to them "well why not us", in regards to having a severely disabled child and constantly thinking "why me".

I've reminded myself of that on many occasions. Why not me? Why not us?

Now, an even more powerful reminder of why you should never ask "why me". 

"The problem with "why me?" is that your focus is on me, the ultimate false deity. To this G‑d says, "See it is I" who put you here. He tailor-made your scenario. Find your mission and strengths specifically from your situation. You don't have to be challenged with suffering to learn this lesson; you need only be alive, because "I kill and I bring to life." It is G‑d that chooses you to be alive."

"Recognizing this is the beginning of meaning in your life. And if you are suffering, know that "I strike and I heal." Again this is from G‑d. There is purpose in your struggle that can only be realized through your struggle. Find a way to turn your pain into positive, your struggle into strength."