Friday, September 15, 2017

How The War In Syria Signals the Death of Europe

Hard to argue with this. 

"The intensification of economic, social, and security problems in Europe and North America resulting from increased immigration will further augment the rise of the right and the extreme right, which in turn will exacerbate the West’s social and political tensions. Members of parliament whose only desire is to be reelected will attune their parliamentary activity – and particularly the laws they promote – to the expectations of electoral districts that are turning Muslim, sacrificing their people’s interests on the altar of their political careers. Many Europeans who are aware of their politicians’ treachery will lose hope and emigrate from countries that are in social and economic decline, and this flight will further accelerate Europe’s transformation into another Islamic region."

"Thus, without the world understanding what is happening, the arrangements Russia and Iran are now imposing on Syria will spark a chain reaction entailing a larger influx of refugees and Europe’s irreversible descent."

"The Atlantic Ocean is not wide enough to protect North America from this calamity. Thus do Iran’s ayatollahs plan to destroy the infidel, permissive, drunk, materialist West: by banishing additional millions of wretched Syrians to the lands of heresy, the nemeses of the ayatollahs. On the soil of Syria, Tehran has defeated both Europe and America."