Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The New Blood Libel

The only reason anyone wants to magically turn the Jews into Nazis is because of pathological Jew-hatred. 

It is a "comparison" that is made to insult, hurt and cause pain to Jews.

This new blood libel is designed to alieve guilt, morally preen and virtue signal-to stick it to the Jews with the insult that hurts them most and that is the most preposterous and morally invert. A real Big Lie. 

Ditto for Jerusalem as I have said before. The only reason anyone wants to 'internationalize' or strip Jews of Jerusalem is for the same reason: pathological Jew-hatred.

The Jews as Nazis motif is an attempt to fob off responsibility and is a patently obvious and pathetic "socially acceptable" form of antisemitism in the modern age.

We Jews will continue to live in Jew-haters heads rent free.

We will prosper and thrive and outlast Europe again.