Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Steyn on Europe

Depressing of course, but I think he's exactly right. 

Normally, I love being right, but I hate being right about this.

As Steyn says-and do listen to the whole thing. It's just PACKED with smart. PACKED.

So, I agree with this ex-Muslim.

The terminology of the enemies of Western civilizaiton is a form of tyranny.

If you use their language, you are part of the problem.

Personally, I can figure out if a conversation with someone is worthwhile, and exactly what I am dealing with based on two sets of terminology (feel free to add yours). Do you refer to "Islam" or "Islamism", and do you refer to "Israel and the Palestinians" or "Israel and Palestine"?

Don't use their language.

Language is a war front.

If you can't talk about something-as the left wishes-then you can't solve the problem.

That's why free speech and the free exchange of ideas, the battle of persuasion is the entire GANTZE MEGILLAH.