Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston and the Infantilism of Jihad Denial

Jihad Denial Syndrome!

(JDS-I just made that up, I like it!)

I also like Douglas Murray's "Toulouse Syndrome".

Bruce Bawer's piece here is excellent (hat tip: scaramouche)

"It’s necessary to fight jihad. But it’s equally necessary to fight this weed that has grown up among us – this decadent, despicable readiness to deny the reality of jihad, to relativize it, to make excuses for it, to blame it on us, on America."

(Or Israel/the JOOOOOOOOS.)

"These decadent characters take these positions, of course, because they’ve been marinated in multiculturalism and, in particular, have absorbed the all-important lesson that the great danger of our time is not Islam but the criticism thereof. Yet what made multiculturalism attractive to these people in the first place is that it’s tailor-made for spoiled, narcissistic grown children who don’t want to have adult enemies – that is, the kind of enemies who represent a real danger to them or that they might ever really have to fight."

"It’s taken a while for people who cherish the notion of themselves as sensitive and understanding toward “The Other,” and whose enemies of choice are, basically, parental substitutes – people who draw clear moral distinctions, who talk about the need for security, and who make unequivocal assertions about the superiority of American freedom to Islamic tyranny."