Monday, April 29, 2013

When Life Becomes a Mental Disorder

This is a really good one form the Globe & Mail. 

I wonder if this is this the same Patricia Pearson, from out west that used to write for the Post a looooong time ago? I really, really, liked her stuff.

Anyway, it is good examination of how every little NORMAL blip in one's life has now turned into a psychiatric disorder-which-amazingly-cannot be PROVEN by any kind of hard data whatsoever.

People are drugging themselves into oblivion for regular stuff like-bereavement, childhood (see ADHD) and other "conditions".

The fact is that life is full of joy and can also be very hard, and even very sad sometimes.

My diagnosis: BEING HUMAN

If you want to drug yourself into not feeling, you don't have much of a life.

I am horrified at how quickly people reach for pills, or a bottle to anesthetize themselves against the feelings that just make us human.

So many wasted lives-so many wasted words.

Too much introspection and not enough productivity is often the main culprit of the woe-filled life. 

Stop talking about yourself, boozing it up and getting stoned. Get off your ass and move your body and act-instead of moaning.

As Dennis Prager points out-it's actually DEEDS not words or intentions that matter.  

(This is a very Jewish concept, but should be universally applied!)

"You want to raise good children? Communicate to them that how they feel is of no concern to almost anyone in the world. But how they act is of concern to everyone they will ever meet."



Totally related-from the United Kingdom:

Parents have abdicated teaching their children right and wrong (duh).