Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sharia News You Can Use!

This just in!

Breaking news on sharia.

"Many" in the Muslim world want sharia as official law of their countries. 

Who would have thought?!?!

And from the new, shiny Pew study, we learn the following:

"Suicide bombing was mostly rejected in the study by the Washington-based Pew Forum, but it won 40 percent support in the Palestinian territories, 39 percent in Afghanistan, 29 percent in Eygpt and 26 percent in Bangladesh."

You get that???

Mostly rejected EXCEPT FOR ALMOST HALF OF PALESTINIANS, and almost half of our Afghani "allies" and over a quarter of our peace partner the Egyptians. Fantastic!

 Then this:

Three-quarters of respondents said abortion is morally wrong and 80 percent or more rejected homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Of course there is also this reassuring little nugget:

"Views on punishments such as chopping off thieves' hands or decreeing death for apostates is more evenly divided in much of the Islamic world, although more than three-quarters of Muslims in South Asia say they are justified."

How about this:

"Majorities from 74 percent in Lebanon to 96 percent in Malaysia said wives should always obey their husbands."

These statistics should be sort of a RED FLAG to western immigration officials.

It is not racist-but completely legitimate to question the need for immigrants from nations that for the most part totally dig suicide bombings, mostly are cool with cutting off the hands of thieves, that "reject" homosexuals, think that DEATH is the appropriate punishment for apostasy, and think that wives should always obey their husbands.


*hits head on keyboard*