Thursday, April 25, 2013

Must Read: Academic Sympathy for the Terrorist

This is a very personal story told by Edward O'Grady III, whose father was murdered by a highly celebrated terrorist. 

The victims of terror need to be remembered and all of their stories told.

"On Oct. 20, 1981, Boudin, members of the Black Liberation Army and supporters from the Weather Underground robbed an armored car in Nanuet, Rockland County. The take was $1.6 million; the toll was a Brink’s guard and two police officers, including my father."

If you can emotionally handle it, please read this article:

Healing Through Humility-by Sherri Mandel whose son Kobi was murdered by Palestinian terrorists along with his friend Yosef as they hiked through the woods.

I barely got through it, but you must read it.

"We must be full and empty at the same time. Death, if you let it, teaches you how to do this."
"I am full and empty. I lose the love, the joy, the security of an intact life. But I learned the beauty of surrender. I gain each moment, the ability to enter the moment because I want to value each moment given to me, for me and Koby."
"Humility means that I recognize that one day even grieving will assume its proper proportion. In time, I will learn to give death its measure, and no more. Koby is more present in my life now than he has ever been. Not an hour goes by that he is not in my head and heart. Every morning I rise to his death and every evening I go to sleep with it. The trick is to forbid death to be more present than life, not to forsake my life and my other children for the memory of all that I have lost. I need to focus my love and attention on my children and husband who are here with me."

"Humility can help me do that, let go of the pain."