Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Toulouse Syndrome: Douglas Murray Wins the Internet Today

That is an utterly brilliant (and simultaneously tragic) way of putting the madness:

Toulouse Syndrome. 

You absolutely must read the whole thing (Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur)

"It may surprise some British readers to know that although American public debate is undoubtedly wider and more robust than in Britain, even America displays denial and deflection when it turns out that the culprits are radical Islamists."

"I think of this as ‘Toulouse syndrome.’"

"Much of the reaction to Boston is very reminiscent of what we saw last year after the shooting of seven people in France. From the first attacks on French soldiers until after the third shootings at a Jewish school, both national and international news focussed on the possibility that the lone gunman had been a far-right extremist. This led to claims that various right wing politicians – including then President Sarkozy – bore at least some degree of responsibility for the attacks. Alleged trails of culpability were sniffed out and fingers pointed."

"However, once the gunman turned out to be a radical Muslim called Mohammed Merah, the speculation ceased."

"Nothing much to see here. Please move along."