Friday, April 26, 2013

Diagnosis Dr. Biden

This is AMAZING. 

Taking down the puffed up, over-credentialed good for absolutely nothing, fragile ego "Doctors" of bullshit!


"The second lady exemplifies a bloated class of people with irrelevant, unimpressive titles."


"It’s somewhat by chance that the recipients of Ph.D.s may even presume to call themselves “doctors,” the unfortunate product of a thousand-year-old liberal-arts tradition’s being seized upon by technocratic Prussians in the age of Bismarck, transformed into a paradigm of German authoritarian efficiency, and then exported back into Western faculties, including many in which it simply does not belong."

“Ph.D.” stands for “Philosophiae Doctor,” a Latin term that (rather obviously) means “Doctor of Philosophy” in English. The “Philosophy” bit was intended loosely, in the classical sense of “love of learning”; the “Doctor” bit derives from “docere,” which simply means “to teach.” 

And furthermore: 

"Medical doctors are indisputably useful; perpetual liberal-arts students are quite the opposite."

"Until the bubble bursts there appears little that we can do about our great education fetish, but, if we can’t stop the grad students from multiplying, at least we can stop the multiplication of their honorifics."