Monday, April 29, 2013

The Daily Beast Asks: Could There Be A Conservative L.A Times?

Wrong question.

Well, the L.A Times is a piece of liberal crap (still waiting for that Obama video about his Palestinian friend...) and dying-like most dinosaur media. So, yes-the official answer is-there could be a print or on-line version of a conservative newspaper.

I know, I know-a lot of you are asking "WHAT THE HELL IS A NEWSPAPER????"

And you're right, to a certain degree. Why go backward in time?

I think the real question is why would any conservative want, or need a conservative newspaper?

There are a few already and they do OK.

But I think that anyone with conservative values trying to save Western society from the ravages of the political left and its lover, Radical Islam, should be putting human efforts into other areas-for example, applying conservative principles and trying to destroy the leftist rot in the public school and higher education system, and doing a much better job of infiltrating and even dominating popular culture-and by that I mean arts, music, books, plays, theatre, films, documentaries, TV shows, news shows, late night shows-whatever.

We have not made enough effort on those fronts, and have lost entire generations.

Another stage could be a takeover of the law schools and judiciary. It's the law schools and their Marxist curricula that churn out the activist lawyers and judges.

Priorities, people!