Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horrible Things Happen, Evil Never Rests

I haven't posted anything about the Boston bombings because there isn't really that much to say. My gut feeling is that the bombs (or at least what is known of them) have the hallmarks of the kinds of (Islamic jihad) bombs that have been used in Israel, with ball bearings added to make them more deadly and to ensure the maximum carnage.

I haven't posted anything because actually I'm trying not to read the news, and not to think about the parents with the permanent hole left in their hearts, as they struggle to live without their 8 year old son. It's unbearable.

A few people have sent me e-mails about the bombings.

I don't have any magical words of comfort, but I've been through enough terrorism scares and have had a family member and family friends murdered by Palestinian terrorists so perhaps that gives me some perspective.

I have also watched my own child hover between life and death-not because of terrorism, but because of his disability and medical fragility so perhaps I have a somewhat heightened sense of the precarious and precious nature of the fine line between life and death. I've also been on that line myself when giving birth, bleeding almost to death-almost dying, feeling the cold operating table on my back before everything went dark.

My feeling, honed over years, is that every day that goes by in our human lives without tragedy and without illness and horror is a miracle. Every day that goes by without massive terrorist attacks is miracle of chance, because evil never rests.

It is human nature to complain about what is lacking-but in reality-so little is lacking in our first world, rich lives that humans make up problems. First world, silly problems. They start focusing inward, inward, inward and thus have so little to give, so little to put outward. We are so comfortable we are fat and over-fed for the first time in human history. We have too much time on our hands so our minds become a fertile playground for the devil.

Bad things happen every minute, and every hour and every day, and they always will.

So every moment, and every day where something bad isn't happening to you or someone you love or care about, or work with, or live beside-you have to thank G-d for that moment. Every moment we breathe without illness or sorrow is a gift from the heavens. So this Boston bombing it is terrible, but if it's not YOUR PERSONAL TERRIBLE then you have to let go somewhat and focus on other things.

Humans are capable of much evil. G-d knows this and thus, the G-d of Israel gave us humans rules of behaviour to try to govern the evil that lurks within the hearts of men. Where the G-d of Israel has been banished, evil thrives.

We can do nothing to eradicate the evil in humans, but fight it we must. With all our strength. And that means militarily, but also psychologically-as nations, as citizens and on the micro level-as parents, friends, daughters and sons. Every moment that we can breathe, and do good things and lead moral lives, and not cave into the darkness is a victory over evil.

Terrible, sad things happen all the time to someone, somewhere.

You have to be grateful that it is not you, not this time.

And when it does happen to you or someone you love, as it may, you have to be there for them in any way you can. Make a meal, take the children out, do their laundry, do the grocery shopping, go for a walk.

You can not eradicate the pain, but you can help the living with their daily tasks-which in turns-enables these people to take care of others who need them. That's all we can do. We can say prayers of thanks for each day without sorrow. We can pray that G-d comforts the mourners.

Unfortunately, there is no "bright side" to many stories.

Boston is just one such story, and evil humans will ensure that there are more, ad infinitum.

Don't despair. Don't give in.

Live. Breathe. And most of all, be grateful for this day.