Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mark Steyn Gives Free Election Advice to Conservatives

I hope the Republicans are paying attention to Mark Steyn because he's speaking very slooooooowly and clearly. 

Conservative voters actually vote for people who represent conservative principles! Wow. Imagine that.

We actually really despise people who are merely concerned with not being hated by the left. They want so desperately to fit in, they really want to get invited to the dinner parties, they don't want to be branded as "racists" or reactionaries or worse, so they squish over to the squishy middle or just become bland lefties with moderate conservative sympathies.

PRO TIP: We hate that.

As Steyn says-the "conservative" politicans like David Cameron are, for the most part, like this:

"His calculation was that if enough conservatives can be persuaded to hate you, the urbane, cosmopolitan, metrosexual elite will accept you as one of their own and give you a better press. Which in turn will persuade enough of their followers to vote for you to compensate for however many of your reviled base decide to stay home."
The election issues have nothing to do with colour. People still care about principle and ideas.

If America is to recover at all, conservative American politicians should take a look at the Harper government's playbook and listen to Mark Steyn.

He further notes: 

"Accommodationists seem to believe that immigration amnesty and "marriage equality" are the last towels they'll ever have to throw in. But in the liberal bathhouse there'll always be a new towel-snapper along in a minute. Free contraceptives . . . Abandonment of religious liberty . . . Single-payer health care . . .
So many trains, already lining up to leave the station."


There will never, ever be and end to the demands.

Don't give in.

What is so difficult about that concept to understand?

Conservative voters will back those who don't cave in to the allure of the popular crowd.