Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear B'nai B'rith Canada-Taking Credit for Other People's Work is Not A Jewish Virtue

Free unsolicited advice to B'nai B'rith!

"Dr." Frank Dimant is the head of B'nai B'rith, a self-styled Jewish human rights/antisemitism expert who has been at the helm of B'nai B'rith Canada for many years. It's sort of like a President For Life position.

Anyway, as has been well documented, B'nai B'rith is pretty much one of those organizations that gives Jews a bad name by getting absolutely hysterical over the odd snippet of swastika graffiti in bathrooms and vociferously arguing in favour of censorship and anti "hate-speech" laws-censorship of course also not being a Jewish value.

They also have a track record of claiming to be at the vanguard of reporting on antisemitism, but they seem to have Arnie of Blazing Cat Fur on their blogroll as the first read of the morning. I wish Arnie would publish screen shots of all the hits that he gets from B'nai B'rith because they are on his blog like bees to the honey pot every day, scouring it and then taking credit for his work.

And that's not right.

They also didn't (as far as I am aware) contribute a single dime to his legal expenses which is disgusting.

By the way, what is "Dr." Dimant's academic background?

Or is he a physician?

Can he write a prescription? Or is he just one of those pompous beta-male blowhards who take incredibly useless graduate programs just for the Napoleonic need to shove "Dr." before their names because of their massive insecurity complexes?

Like "Dr. Jill Biden".

Does he have an actual PhD? Or is the "Dr." sort of a Supersized Blowhard Affectation?

Here's a bio that I found that has Herr Doktor's CV. 

There isn't one posted on Linked In.

Anyway, this one doesn't indicate the level of degree awarded from McGill (MA? PhD??) and the only mention of a doctorate that I can see is the honorary doctorate from Canada Christian College.

To wit:

Dr. Frank Dimant of Ontario was educated at Yeshiva University and McGill’s Graduate School of Sociology. In May of 2004, Dr. Dimant received an honorary doctorate from Canada Christian College. He serves on several community boards in Israel and Canada, including York Region Neighbourhood Services, the Ramot Shapiro Youth Town and the World Zionist Assembly. In January 2005, he became a member of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Advisory Council. He was appointed to the Mayor’s Community Task Force on Safety and Security, as well as serving on the Toronto Police Chief’s Advisory Board. In recognition of his commitment to human rights, Dr. Dimant was inducted as Honourary Chief of First Nations Keewatin Tribal Council. He is currently the Executive Vice President of B’nai Brith Canada and the CEO of the organization’s Institute for International Affairs and the League for Human Rights. He also serves as publisher of Canada’s largest Anglo-Jewish publication, The Jewish Tribune. Dr. Dimant is a frequent lecturer, writer and media commentator on both Israeli and Middle Eastern affairs and world Jewish issues.

For such a big maven on Jewish issues, and such a big macher in the Jewish community-Jewish ethics (for example-don't steal-even ideas and blog posts) don't seem to be his major strong point.

And for someone who is so involved with Christians, it seems more than a little counter-intuitive to me to continually rip off and not properly and respectfully treat one of the best friends that Canadian Jewry has in the philo-semitic, pro-Israel gentile blogosphere and that is Arnie and his lovely missus Kathy.