Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never Too Late for Justice

Living Nazis should be prosecuted.

Nobody gets off the hook for slaughtering Jews even if they have to be dragged into court in wheelchairs, wheezing and on oxygen. 

The Holocaust is not Judaism.

The perpetrators of the Holocaust tried to eliminate Judaism and Jews.

They failed.

The Jewish people live and thrive despite their efforts.

Holocaust education is not a substitute for Judaism! It's creepy and wrong.

Jews choose life. We honour those who died by remembering, by prosecuting the remaining (real) Nazis, and fighting the current incarnation of the Nazis who live in the bodies and sermons of Islamic Nazis. Same desire, different dress language and books.

Living Jewish is the best revenge.

PS: Burn all living remnants of Anne Frank's "symbol of hope"  symbol of Jewish weakness and leftist manipulation of murdered Jewish girl. 

People are NOT all good at heart. That's leftist, utopian garbage.

Burn the tree and the saplings. Amen.