Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Dead Kids?

Mark Steyn has a general habit of taking on the stories that the emasculated, eunuch, American media is unwilling to touch and the story of the baby murder factory in America is no exception.

Muffled screams, snipped spinal cords, tiny bodies, blood everywhere. In scenes truly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, American babies were stabbed, sucked out of wombs, and thrown about like garbage within the office of an American medical doctor. The Germans murdered their own disabled children after they were proven to be disabled.

Steyn asks: how many dead babies does it take to make the American news?

But that's really only one of the questions. The other one is:

What colour skin does an abortionist need to have in order to be covered by the news?

The left wing media is in love with the murder of babies, and enamoured of all things abortion, but they are particularly protective of blacks and tend to under-report the horror and the violence that black Americans inflict.

I wonder if Dr. Gosnell was white, if the media might take a closer look at him?

This guy beheaded live babies.

When other, live human beings are beheaded-like by Islamic terrorists for example, it is usually front page news. Not that the terrorists are blamed, but at least it is discussed. There is virtual radio silence about this black American domestic terrorist.

How many babies does one have to behead in America before being called a terrorist? 

Here is another article, with a phrase so horrifying that one questions how it could be describing a doctor's office in America:

"It would rain fetuses."

Here's the exact quote:

"It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place. It is literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body."

I can scarcely believe I have seen those words in print. 

The blood of little human babies is raining upon us.

History tells us of the barbarity of the Romans, who murdered their own babies for being imperfect. We have surpassed their barbarity and then some.

"It would rain fetuses.

Woe unto us as a society for encouraging the culture of death to thrive in our midst and not stopping the evil.

As it happens, Dr. Gosnell was at least partially motivated by greed. He wasn't even an obstetrician, he was a GP, but he saw the dollar signs of the baby-murder business.

"Over the last 30 years, Gosnell charged women between $1500 and $3000 for late-term abortions even though he wasn’t a licensed gynecologist or obstetrician, but only as a general practitioner."

"The business made over $1 million alone and prior to the arrest, Gosnell was being investigated by the FBI and DEA under charges of fraud. It was during their visit to the clinic in February 2010 that the horrible conditions inside the clinic were uncovered."

"It would rain fetuses."  

Après nous le deluge.

Après toi, le déluge, Dr. Gosnell.