Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Militarization of American Police

This story from Florida. 

Pretty freaky stuff. It's a miracle that someone didn't get killed.

This is the terrifying tale of a 59-year old nurse, having dinner with her boyfriend after work when suddenly her boyfriend, Craig Dorris — a manager for a security alarm company — heard her scream and saw her drop to the floor.

"Goldsberry, 59, said she had looked up from the sink to see a man “wearing a hunting vest.”
He was aiming a gun at her face, with a red light pinpointing her."

“I screamed and screamed,” she said."

"But she also scrambled across the floor to her bedroom and grabbed her gun, a five-shot .38-caliber revolver. Goldsberry has a concealed weapons permit and says the gun has made her feel safer living alone. But she felt anything but safe when she heard a man yelling to open the door."

So this is the story of a highly armed police force, and "a well-trained officer who knows how to go after a man assumed to be a dangerous felon, but isn't so good at understanding a frightened woman confronted with an aggressive armed stranger coming after her in her own home".

From the officer:

“I feel bad for her,” Wiggins conceded, finally. 

But at the same time, I had to reasonably believe the bad guy was in her house based on what they were doing.”

"(Louise) Goldsberry wasn't arrested or shot despite pointing a gun at a cop, so Wiggins said, “She sure shouldn't be going to the press.”