Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Massachusetts Couple May Face Fine For Helping Injured Baby Seal

Apparently, in America one must call the US Coast Guard instead of helping a little baby seal. 

"Hodgdon said he brought the seal onto a raft to a better view of its injuries. Photos of the rescue attempt show the seal sticking out its neck out and kissing Hodgdon on the raft."

"The couple told that when a volunteer from the Boston-based New England Aquarium  arrived, they didn't want to touch the seal, which was placed back into the water.
Seals are protected under the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, which makes it illegal to touch or harass the mammals. The couple said they may face a $5,000 fine."

"Aquarium officials told the station that even though the couple's intentions were good, anyone who thinks a seal is in distress should instead call the U.S. Coast Guard or emergency officials."

That little part of the sentence "even though the couple's intentions were good" is the REALLY IMPORTANT NUGGET. 

The officials in officialdom, the fat mandarins of the Federal Marine Mammal Protection SWAT Team realize and acknowledge that there were no bad intentions-TO HELL WITH THEM. Prosecute, prosecute, punish, punish. 

Really, really screwed up. 

America should punish people who help baby deer also. And stray puppies!! And lost children!! And wandering Alzheimers patients!!

What did people do BEFORE massive government? How did they EVER EVER survive?