Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Frenchman and the North American Lady

I didn't even have to pull out my notebook to record the slow motion seduction that I just witnessed. It is seared into my mind's eye camera.

It was really something. In broad daylight!


Now, I am not crazy about France and its supine position vis a vis Islam, but there are some things that the French know better than anyone. Those things are wine, cheese, sexiness and seduction and of course French and French accents!

So, let me tell you about the couple who sat beside me. 

The woman at the table next to me was North American woman-perhaps an academic, not sure about that. She appeared to be about 38 or maybe 40. Pretty nice looking, but wearing no make-up. Glasses, but quite a nice face, dark, long hair. She was wearing a sort of hippy skirt but a more fitted top. The look was clearly that kind of 'oh I don't wear make-up' statement that some feminists run with-Lord help them.

She was clearly completely unaware that her dining companion was actively trying to seduce her. She just was clueless. Like totally clueless. I honestly felt like shaking her, or stopping her in mid-stupid sentence to say HE IS TOTALLY INTO YOU, LADY!!!

Her companion was French (not from Quebec, from France-I could hear the conversation), and just by his body language and the way he was talking, I could feel the vibes in the air. So I tried not to peek to many times, but it was just fabulously entertaining, and I needed to get a good mental snapshot of the players.

He was relatively ordinary looking, but quite bright-it sounded like he was a scientist actually just by some of the discussions. Sort of even nerdy looking, but not fat, about six feet tall-so all in all a perfectly acceptable package.

He didn't take his eyes off the target the entire time they were sitting together. He had his eyes on the prize, my friends.

She was behaving in almost an asexual manner. She had no flirt in her. Just nothing. She looked like she was completely out of practice with men. This lady needed to get laid like tile and he was picking up on that completely-even though she was clueless about his intentions.

He proposed going for coffee and sharing a piece of cheesecake-which he teasingly said was not an "American" invention at all. It was so amusing as a throwaway line-delivered perfectly in his cute French accent and again, she just was not picking up on the clues.

This is the kind of woman who would be completely thrown off guard when he makes his actual move. He was putting a lot of hints out. Like 'oh, I've not been to a museum yet in Toronto'.

I mean DUH. DUH. DUH.

Sharing a single piece of cheesecake is actually a pretty intimate invitation if you think about it and could be wildly seductive!

I hope for this lady's sake that he makes his move sooner rather than later. She's primed and he's clearly no novice.

Wildly entertaining human theatre and banter for an otherwise quiet mid week break.

I'm very concerned though about how clueless and unfeminine so many women are in general.

Women need to get their girly girl on and men need to charm it up.  Run with it, people!

That was delightful.

Bravo, my French friend, bravo!!