Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jonathan Tobin: Why Liberals Won't Ever Face the Facts on Detroit

Three of the most succinct paragraphs thus far written on Detroit. Three perfect paragraphs:

"A bailout of Detroit sets a precedent that can’t be repeated elsewhere because there just isn’t enough money to pay for every city that will eventually face similar problems."

"The wake up call that Detroit is sending Americans is one Krugman and other liberals would like us to ignore because they are confident that the federal leviathan, controlled by Democrats and fed by liberal assumptions, will always be able to squeeze enough cash out of productive citizens to pay for the left’s follies."

"They won’t face the truth about this because to do so would require Americans to do some hard thinking about a society where virtually everyone has their snouts in the collective trough of big government and thereby is a stakeholder in its survival in its current form."

Read the whole article from Commentary.