Friday, July 26, 2013

Thought Crime and Future Crime in America

Wearing a tea party t-shirt deemed sufficiently threating to the President of the United States of America that wearers were denied admittance to a POTUS speech, despite the fact that they held tickets.

This is perhaps one of the scariest articles I have read today-and I've already read about Egypt. 


Because one expects the barbarians in Egypt to clamp down on even the most moderate freedoms that might be enjoyed in that area of the world. We hard-nosed conservatives were sufficiently pessimistic about the "Arab Spring" (a left wing wet dream) and therefore cannot be terribly surprised by the coup after coup and the bloodshed.

That is why it scares me more that a student in America could be denied admission to hear the President based on assumptions of a future crime. It is a thought crime tsimply to have an attitude or opinion about the President that may or may not be reflected in one's garment. The student was assessed, judged and sentenced on the basis of an assumption about a t-shirt.

That's disgraceful.