Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can the ADL and Abe Foxman Ever, But Ever, Ever Shut Up?

I'm surprised the ADL has reported a DROP in anti-semitic incidents. Down 14%!

Why? Because if there is no antisemitism, there can be no fundraising. No fundraising, no cushy Professional Jew Jobs.

But what they talk about in terms of "antisemitism" is so pathetic that it is laughable.

Now, remember-I'm just a suburban Jewish mother, so math isn't my real specialty.

However, here are the numbers:

"The ADL Audit reported a total of 927 anti-Semitic incidents across the US in 2012, including assaults, vandalism and harassment, marking a 14% decline from the 1,080 incidents reported in 2011."

So, let's see-927 "incidents" in a country of 350 or so MILLION people = (statistically speaking) total and utter bullshit. 

How's that for math???

But don't worry-they are still looking for business. And "on line hatred" is a perfect segue to CENSORSHIP. So keep your eyes on this: 

“While we cannot point to any single explanation for the fluctuations from year to year, the declines of the past several years occur within the context of the continued proliferation of hatred online,” said ADL National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher.

Just warning you-that's where the emphasis will be in the coming years. Because: 

“The danger, of course, is that these online expressions can inspire and fuel real-world violence.”

(This is the insane "Hateful and mean words caused the Holocaust" theory.)

Actual assaults and violence need to be taken very seriously. Signs and graffiti not so much.

Here's the thing-FREE ADVICE TO THE ADL.

People would take you much more seriously if you addressed Muslim antisemitism and jihadi violence in America against Jews and all other infidels. 

The ADL is basically mute on the most pernicious form of Jew hatred today so it's very hard to muster any sympathy for any of its activities. It has a left wing/social justice agenda-and they just happen to be Jews. 

Also, instead of just whining about the antisemitic climate on campuses-how about actually, you know DOING SOMETHING about it. Being there-on the ground with students. 

Very easy to bleat. Harder to act.

PS: This is ridiculous. From the "incidents".

"San Francisco, California: A middle school boy was harassed by classmates. Two classmates threw at him crumpled papers with swastikas and Stars of David drawn on them. (May)"


And this: 

  • Watkinsville, Georgia: An 11-year-old was bullied on his school bus ride by an older student who once told him “I’m German. We cook Jews in my family.” (August)

That's actually pretty funny! Can't kids just learn to either answer back ("bite my Kosher wiener") or just pulverize the bullies?