Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kathy Draidle: Adam Carolla is a Total Dude and This Kindler Fellow Sucks Dog Balls And Whatnot


You must read this.


"For about 10 years or so, as colleges have been spitting out more brainwashed beta male fruitcakes and their perpetually pre-menstrual female enablers, something called “alternative” comedy has been spreading like a rash."
"It’s politically correct, it’s all about “community” and — here’s the “alternative” part — it’s not really funny. Get it?"

Carolla is a total dude, and think Jews are TEH AWESOME. 

And he's tall, funny, rich, happily married and has kids. 

This article is awesome. 

Kathy Draidle is awesome. 

Adam Carolla is also.