Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dennis Prager: Liberalism Makes It Easier to Be Bad

This is SO GREAT. 

Prager is right on the money. You must read the whole thing.

He has tremendous insight into human behaviour in general, but this piece in particular shows an incisive analytic acumen that is quite rare and delightful.

Like this-on campus radicals:

"My sense was that the radicals' commitment to "humanity," to "peace," and to "love" gave them license to feel good about themselves without having to lead a good life. Their vocal opposition to war and to racism provided them with all the moral self-esteem they wanted."

Exactly. Talk the talk and behave abominably.

"In addition to knowing that liberal positions provide moral cover for immoral personal behavior, liberals know that their immoral behavior will be given more of pass than exactly the same behavior would if done by a conservative. "

For liberals, ideology trumps facts, reason and logic. 

This is why liberal women tolerate misogyny from "liberal" men, who are often some of the biggest chauvinist pigs on the planet. They say the correct things that feminists want to hear, they vote the way feminists want  and therefore, that leftist ideology enables them to behave in a disgusting manner and always be forgiven. It's a sick thing, but that's the reality.