Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Steyn: The Shrinking of the National Security Right

Mark Steyn has an excellent post up on The Corner. 

He notes that "the national-security right is a shrinking club because America has proven an ineffectual intervenor."

"In Afghanistan, the Taliban support a bigoted, misogynist sharia state run by theocrats with ties to global terrorism, whereas America and its allies support a bigoted, misogynist sharia state run by duplicitous kleptocrats with ties to druglords and pederasts."

"That’s not a distinction worth twelve years of blood and treasure, and it has discredited the broader cause and its impositions on the home front. The Taliban will soon enough be back in Kabul, but Americans will be shuffling shoeless through the airports of Cleveland and Des Moines unto the end of time."

("Don't Tread On Me, RIP.") 

Speaking of which: here's a nice little piece about your security superiors from the TSA.