Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Douglas Murray: "Islamophobia is a Crock"

At least SOMEBODY in Europe has got the goods. Douglas Murray really, really gets it.

He's definitely one of my favourite Brits.

Love this guy.

Read it all. 

And who ever the Jewish "leader" was who told him that we MUST combat "Islamophobia" before/during or after antisemitism-that person is a nutcase liberal who just happened to have been born a Jew.

Mystery solved.

And a Douglas Murray double play:

Freeing terrorists for "peace". 

This guy is so smart and sensitive to what this is really about.

"As some corrective, readers might be interested in this piece by Adi Moses. The victim – at the age of 8 – of a Palestinian terrorist attack, the severely wounded Adi saw her mother burn to death in the attack and her 5 year old brother die of wounds shortly afterwards. The perpetrator of this attack is one of those slated for release. The superb Tom Gross has made Adi Moses’s open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu (published in Hebrew last week) available in English here. Might I urge people to read it?"

Thank you to Douglas Murray for linking to these pieces, and to Tom Gross for helping tell these stories.