Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Jew Hate that Unites Europe

Excellent piece from Guy Millière at Gatestone. 

When he says Israel-we can just say "Jews". Because that's what it is.

Passionate, unrepentant, Judenhaas.

He says, rightly that the Palestinian cause is "sacred" to Europe. That is exactly right. As Bat Ye'or called it- Palestinianism is a religion with messianic passion and fervor.

He says:

"Today, hatred of Israel is one of the most shared and prominent feelings in Europe. Using anti-Semitic terms to criticize Israel is common, normal and "politically correct." Fighting for the "Palestinian cause" in the name of "peace" is the only fight that can bring together politicians from the left and the right. Any terrorist attack against Israel is almost unanimously described as a fruit of the "cycle of violence" and of "Israeli intransigence," never mind that it is actually the Palestinians who historically have been intransigent. An Israeli response to a terrorist attack is immediately criticized by European diplomats as "disproportionate." A Palestinian attack is never criticized at all."

I'd go further. 

I'd say that Palestinian attacks on Jews are celebrated and enjoyed by the Jew-haters. They feel that Israeli lives and Jewish lives are worthless and that they OUGHT to be extinguished. There will be no tears shed ever for dead Jews no matter how gruesome the slaughter. 

He concludes: 

"European governments and the EU have never been friends of Israel. Now, they are less friends of Israel than ever. The likelihood that they will adopt a more positive attitude toward Israel is nil.
They speak as enemies of Israel. They behave as enemies of Israel. They take decisions only enemies of Israel would take."

"They are at war with Israel. They do not wage war directly: they engage battle through other channels, hypocritically, viciously, and cowardly."

"In the 1940s, Europe was the continent of Auschwitz. Today, Europe is a continent where politicians and technocrats support what Abba Eban called the "Auschwitz borders". There is no doubt they hope for results similar to those obtained in Auschwitz, just by other means."