Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bernie Farber Insults Stephen Harper and the Queen of England in A Vulgar, Profanity-Laced Tweet (UPDATED)

Thanks to scaramouche for having the stomach to sift through Bernie's Twitter feed.

I hope everyone in the Official Jewish community takes a look at this, and seriously considers how damaging Bernie Farber is to the Jewish community and frankly-to the free world.

Do you really want him at your events?

How is this guy adding value? Seriously-think about it.

What a disgusting Tweet.

Classless and vulgar, insulting the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, philosemitic Prime Minister in the history of Canada and Her Majesty the Queen of England.

Way to go, Bernie.

P.S Good news and bad news alert!

The good news is that this Tweet will probably be the nail in the coffin of Bernie ever getting a national honour that he seems to be lusting after. Great strategy!

The bad news is that could actually improve his chances of being the new Barbara Hall. 

Go figure!


I just saw on a Canadian Conservative web site that it's the PM's birthday. Extra classy timing, Bernie!