Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dude! Where's My Ozone Hole?!??!

I thought this was funny.

And when I say funny, what I mean by that is 'gee it looks like he wants people who disagree with him to shut up'. 

Professor Mann is being asked what his opinion is of extremists, or lone wolf scientists, or extremist scientist lone wolf strange types who are not disciples of the Church of Global Warmism.

Michael Mann:

"MANN: Well, it's very unfortunate, right? I mean, you know, you can always find one individual who is willing to disagree with the overwhelming consensus of the world's scientists."

"We have seen that--when it came to tobacco, there were scientists who were claiming it's not a problem to smoke cigarettes, there's no threat to human health. Of course, they were wrong, and many lives were lost because people were listening to them.

"We heard the same thing with ozone depletion, which is now only beginning to recover because of the actions, the precautionary actions we did take decades ago."


"We've heard that with, you know, the threat of pharmaceutical products, untested pharmaceutical products. So you can always find one contrarian who's willing to disagree with, you know, the rest of the scientific community. And if we were to listen only to those contrarian voices or to put much stock in them, to these very fringe minority voices, then we wouldn't have acted on the tobacco problem, we wouldn't have acted on the acid rain problem, we wouldn't have acted on the ozone depletion problem."

[Oh there it is... the 'acid rain' catastrophe that never really was or sleepy....] 

"And so for the media or at least some media outlets to give so much weight to one fringe contrarian voice does a disservice to the public discourse. It misleads the public and it poisons the larger discourse over, you know, this critical issue of what to do about the very real threat of human-caused climate change."

In other words: SHUT UP!!!

By the way, the lone, strange individual being referenced in this interview is not Mark Steyn.

Just clarifying!