Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"She Was Still Alive As Her Boyfriend Started to Cut Off Her Head With A Knife"

This did not happen in the Middle East. 

This happened in England.

Sheffield to be precise.

Apparently we are to believe that the alleged assailant, after having blackmailed his girlfriend with exposing her in sexually revealing photos, that he in fact, was 'schizophrenic'.

Apparently, he didn't take too kindly to the infidels who tried to save his life.

"Hussein was calm when he was first arrested, but after he was taken to the nearby Northern General Hospital for treatment he attacked staff trying to help him, Mr Reeds said."

"He allegedly assaulted a cardiothoracic surgeon and an anaesthetist as well as police officers who tried to restrain him, biting one of them, before he was injected with a sedative."

What a pity he survived. He'll likely go on to a college education in prison, halal meals, religious instruction, etc...and have a fine life in jail. 

Bruce Bawer also comments on "Islamizing Britain's Schools". 

The future does not look rosy for jolly old England.

It's very hard to have a civilized discussion about the future of Britain, or the future of anything while your head is being separated from your neck and you are alive for only a few bloody, suffering moments as you understand what has happened, as the life drains out of you.

This is a horrible crime and a horrible reality for England.