Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The UK Is Screwed

Just getting caught up on the past few weeks of news.

Clearly, one of the most critical items is the fact that someone in the (formerly free and democratic) United Kingdom, was arrested for quoting the great Winston Churchill.

Just when you think that the UK cannot sink any lower, a new low is set.

The only response to this, by every single freedom loving Brit alive should be do quote Churchill themselves-over and over and over in every forum they can.

There should be Churchill Read-A-Thons, sit ins, and dozens of people at a time should be standing in public quoting Churchill as well.

Read thoughts from Mark Steyn here and here. 

More from Robert Spencer here.

As Steyn once said of the jihadists-in order to get us to shut up, or cave in, they are going to have to kill us all.

The same must be said about the battle for Free Speech, of course NOT coincidentally being led also by Mark Steyn.

The rallying cry in Britain and in the civilized world must be: 

If they are going to arrest us for quoting Winston Churchill, they are bloody well going to have to arrest us all. 

So start quoting Churchill.


Some resources:

Selected speeches here. 

Audio files here. 

Archival footage and speeches here.