Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mark Steyn Akbar! Keepin It Real: "Mixing the Whatnot in a Beaker and Renting Fallopian Time Shares"


I almost had a car accident this morning listening to Mark Steyn on John Oakley this morning.

And when I say accident, I mean that I almost peed in my pants.


I was laughing so hard that it was really almost, like totally, awkward.

Total geek out. 

Seriously, when I heard the bit about 'gender fluidity', I honestly thought I was going to die.

While Oakley tried to steer the conversation to a serious discussion about 'gender fluidity', Steyn noted that there has already been a case prescedent in California, where two men were listed as the fathers of a child.

He was musing about "two guys from California, not wanting to go into the mechanics of it, co-mingled their what not, put it in a beaker and rented some fallopian tubes from some woman they found on the internet".




But on a serious note, this is an outstanding interview.

Oakley is great with Steyn, he actually lets Steyn speak, and riff freely. Oakley was really on his game with this interview and Steyn delivered the goods.

This interview is EXCELLENT.

There are many, many important topics being discussed.

This is probably one of the best interviews with Steyn, on radio, that I have heard in a good while.

Listen to the whole thing. The bits about the Magna Carta (what "rights" really means, Steyn explains it sloooooooowly), about who is telling you to "shut up", about the left and living in "defiance of biology" (OMG that phrase is a keeper, more of that!!) and about the "Land Beyond Biology".

This one has PLENTY of material for future essays. Really, really good stuff.

If I were Queen of the World, I would say that this needs a verbatim transcription for future use so that Steyn can dole it out to his subjects, like the King in the field of 1250, in little drops and drabs to his adoring public via The Interwebzzz.