Friday, April 4, 2014

Liberal Cluelessness in One Daft Article: White Person Living Among White People Lectures Other White People On How To Raise Non-Racist Children

Absolutely breathtaking arrogance. 

"The good news is that the answer seems to be yes—there are things I can do to keep my kids from harboring racial prejudice. Namely, I can talk to them about race."

(Right, just TALK to them, blah blah blah, talk the talk-never walk the walk. Typical liberal blather...)

"First, a caveat: I’m writing this article as a white parent with white kids living in a mostly white neighborhood. I know that my experiences, perspectives, and considerations differ markedly from those of parents with different ethnic backgrounds living in different situations, and I also realize that I know nothing about the racial landscape that minority parents have to navigate with their kids. For many minority parents, talking about race is not an option—it’s essential in helping their children move through a world that sees a “black kid” and not just a kid. "

"Although I talked to researchers with diverse backgrounds while reporting my piece, I’m guessing that my findings and advice will apply predominantly to white parents like me."