Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Steyn: "Only In Canada? Pity." (Note: Very Good Looking Panel!)

I hope Australia is ready for the Return of Steyyyyyyyyyyyn.

"A frequent visitor to Australia, and due here later this year, Steyn has watched with disappointment the debate over ­section 18C. He says that Canada's cultural Left eventually supported the repeal of section 13 in a way he thought would be repeated here."

"They said, 'Well, obviously we find Steyn a totally disgusting and ­repulsive figure and we want to emphasise how much we dissociate ourselves from him BUT this is not compatible with a free society and Canadians should be able to decide for themselves on these matters'."

"I thought it would go that way with Andrew Bolt. That people would say, 'Well, Bolt is a repellent creature BUT …' Yet from my understanding from the debate in Australia no one on the Left has got to the BUT." Sadly, Steyn is right that, for ever larger groups on the Left, identity group rights trump the rights of freedom of ­expression."

"I hope the Section 18 campaign picks up a bit of steam soon. But I did take the precaution of threatening The Australian's readers:"

"I might have to fly in and do it myself."


And I like this part also:

"I'm in favor of free speech sans frontières"

If I ever started an organization, I might be inclined to call it Free Speech Sans Frontières.

However, if I ever start an organization-remember to please shoot me.

I hate organizations and as per Groucho Marks, would never want to be a part of a club (or an organization) that would have me as a member. 


This is a very nice looking panel. Very clever folks.

I like Australian accents. The blonde is a real babe! The moderator is adorable, and Steyn-totally Steynian!