Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Australian" Plot to Behead Innocent Civilian on the Street, Jihad Network Exposed

From an Australian reader.

Thanks to "A" for sending this link. 

"Ali Baryalei and the men arrested are part of a group of young Afghan Australians who have been planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil for months. Police say the group has canvassed mass shootings and bombings, but didn't have the capability, but authorities were forced to act when a public beheading was discussed in the vein of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in London last year."

"According to police, the plot allegedly being carried out by these people was to snatch a member of the public, wrap them in a flag...And chop their heads off. "

Why can't reasonable people in democracies have a reasonable discussion about where immigrants come from and have a say in that issue?

Why is it impossible to understand that some immigrants are more desireable than others not because of the colour of their skin, or religion, or creed or height or shape, or favourite foods but because some immigrants are inclined to love and live by liberal democracy and Judeo-Christian and Western values, and some are not.

Some pools of potential immigrants have no desire to live by Western values. This is a fact.

They want to live with 7th century, belligerent lives in the comfort of Western society, attacking their gracious hosts from within.

Why has such a fact been rendered incomprehensible to our governing elites?

Why do they wish suicide upon our glorious, free society?