Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TAKI Himself: Hate on the March

A good column from Mr. Taki himself. 

I completely agree with him, by the way, that the Jews who refuse to identify the Islamic element of the anti-Jewish, anti-democratic Muslim transformation of Europe are also to blame. They are so scared of being called "Islamophobic" that they refuse to talk about the religious identification of the perpetrators of the most truly vile, murderous, tribal, barbarian new/old Judenhaas on continental Europe.

Shame on them.

Shame on all of the gutless Jews who are watching this despicable antisemitism in real time, while they sob platitudes about Never Again at Holocaust memorials. 

"Never Again" is right now, you clueless Jews-in case you hadn't, or won't notice.

Thus Taki notes:

"Finally, our Jewish cousins are not helping. When Muslim mobs attacked supermarkets that carried kosher, the editor of a Jewish chronicle, Stephen Pollard, never mentioned the fact it was an all-Islamic mob, leaving the impression that it was Christian. The American Deborah Lipstadt, a litigious woman who sees anti-Semitism everywhere, wrote in the New York Times about the same incident, suggesting it was anti-Semitism on the part of the British public, somehow failing to mention it was pure and simple Islam at work."

I would go even a step further than "not helping".

It's not just that these Jews are merely not helping (which would be bad enough), they are making things worse and are complicit by cowardice.