Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chesler: The Beatification of Terrorism in New York City


New York, I love you but you're breaking my heart.

Chesler on why she will be protesting on September 22nd in New York City: 

"Although I am a serious opera fan and a strong believer in the First Amendment, I will be among them."
"Here’s why."
"The libretto presents a false and defamatory narrative of Jews and America; depicts an entirely untrue, unbalanced, and maliciously immoral history of the founding of the state of Israel-- especially in Penny Woolcock’s filmed version of the opera which won a prize at the 2003 Brussels European Film Festival-- an unbalanced narrative about the fate of refugees in the Middle East; flat-out blames the Jews for a massacre which Christian Phalangists committed in Lebanon; and explains and justifies why Arafat’s Palestinian terrorists murdered a wheelchair bound Jewish-American, Leon Klinghoffer (z”l), viciously, and in cold blood. "