Monday, September 29, 2014

Well Played, Gavin McInnes: What Women Want

This is a great essay. 

McInnes has a pretty simple theory about what women want:

"To feel appreciated and respected and safe."

I agree, and I also would add desired. 

Being the object of desire is a huge one for women-no matter what their age, culture or  status. I think it's a real, chemical intoxicant for the female brain. Obviously, I'm not a scientist-this is just my own perspective based on many years of observation and many conversations with women of various degrees of functionality and attractiveness.

(And any women reading this who say otherwise are just full of it. Every woman I know has a story about someone who made them feel a little, or even major league crazy in the brain at some point in their life.)

I think that's why a lot of women "of a certain age" wear such cheesy, horrible outfits, and clothes that are way too sluttish and old for them-or puff up their hair, and wear those gawdawful Fifty Shades of Grey Shoes that they can afford but should never, ever EVER wear.

They really are so desperate for male attention.

They know that they are not going to get the natural attention that young women, in full bloom, are going to receive. So, they wear sparkly things, shiny things, short things, long nails-it's a real (albeit) pathetic cry for attention.  



So men-if you want a woman to respond to you, make her feel desired first-appreciated after. It's a brain thing. 

What do men want?

I think it's to be respected, then admired by their partner and then appreciated and desired as well, but desired is sort of at the end of that list. (Respect includes a healthy respect for male sexual needs and desires-which are different than those of women.)

In my experience, women treating their husbands or boyfriends disrespectfully, and I mean seriously like doormats-like total schmattahs- is a real kiss of death. I've seen it in public too many times to count.

And, I've also heard of enough cases where the man-after 10, 15 or even 20 years of marriage, and adult children, simply walks out and finds a nicer woman.

Yes, its usually a younger woman but not always. It's always not a total bitch. 

Anyway, I quite agree with McInnes' conclusion.

Seriously-spare me the incredibly boring first world problems of western "feminists". ZZZZZ.

"If you’re a feminist and you are outraged by honor killings, if you are sick of hearing Islam called a “religion of peace,” if you are disgusted by the abortion rate in China and what their one-child rule has done to the female population, if the dowry system in India makes you puke and the thought of sati fires give you diarrhea … in short, if you are focused on non-Western sexism, I’m all ears. If, however, you want to whine and moan about how horrible it is to be female in America today, please step out of the way. I’m trying to watch the game."